Monday, November 1, 2010

Wrapping Up October

I got to spend a whole weekend with this little princess!
This weekend I drove down to New Braunfels, TX to spend a day and a half with my good friends Kelley, Shannon, Keith and S&K's sweet little one Lily. Kelley and I worked together at camp in North Carolina and it is ALWAYS fun to reminisce about those days with her. We usually end up laughing. The hysterical, ribs hurt, need to pee your pants kind of laughing. And Shannon and Keith go on about their business like everything is totally normal.
But things that are "normal" in this family aren't necessarily normal for everyone else in the world. That's why I love them so much. Way back in the day I shared on this blog that I was living with 2 opera singers when I first moved to Austin. Well these are the two opera singers. And this is a "normal" car ride...

And this is Lily already learning how to do some major jamming out. She pretty much parties like a rockstar. (Sorry it's sideways)

And with a trip to the pumpkin patch I got to play with the camera a little bit! SO much fun. :)

Like I said...jamming. That's just what she does.

Pumpkin Carving

Seriously? What is there to NOT love about middle schoolers? They're totally normal. I mean c'mon...who doesn't love a good laughing contest?

And who else could you count on to love a pumpkin with a face like this and even name it Jeffery? Oh and that little slice on the side of his head was because he got dropped. But no worries. He survived. (On a side note...this pumpkin had a serious case of the runs. Has anyone else ever cut open a pumpkin and found it literally half full of like, juice? In all my pumpkin carving years I have never quite seen what came out of poor Jeffery. And after we dumped him out, he continued to produce juice as he was being carved. So weird.)

Seriously I just love these girls and I loved the opportunity to help them carve their pumpkins! Also loved that our lesson was about how we are like pumpkins. Full of junk and sin. Then a holy and gracious God comes along and gets that out of us, makes us a new creation and places His light in us to shine so that all can see our new selves!