Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For all you Carpet Skates fans out there...

Jill, Laura, Ms. Connie and Em...

my mom just sent me this little gem.

i think i'm gonna need video of you ladies trying this out after the kids go to bed.

p.s. i just discovered that it's even more insanely hilarious if you leave "sweetly broken" playing while you watch it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm so far behind...but for now, Monday's Fabulous Moment

I know I'm really far behind. And I will catch up on all the most crucial stuff. Promise. But I don't want to get farther behind so I'm picking up with today's Monday's Fabulous Moment. A number of weeks ago my MFM dealt with a man who works at Wolf Camera named Kyle. I posted a discussion that he and I had which some of my faithful readers may remember. If you don't, you can read it here. This morning I needed to go get some pictures developed for my grandparent's Christmas present and as could be anticipated, here comes Kyle. It started out alright. He just asked if I needed help and I told him I was just fine. Someone else needed his assistance so he went to deal with them. But alas, when it was time to check out, Kyle was my guy. I stepped up to the counter and our conversation went something like this:

Kyle: Jen, right?
Me: Yes, sir.
Kyle: Cool. So you only had 3 prints today?
Me: Um, no, I had about 50.
Kyle: Oh yeah, I see it right here. 942 pictures. (chuckles) No, I'm just kidding.
Me: Um, haha...yeah.
Kyle: So Jen, what did you ask Santa for for Christmas?
Me: Uh, I didn't ask him for anything. I don't really need anything.
Kyle: No really, if you could have one thing what would it be you have to pick one.
Me: Well, I'm going home to see my mom and that's really all I want.
Kyle: Did you see any good movies this weekend?
Me: Excuse me? Oh, no.
Kyle: Did you see any bad movies this weekend?
Me: No.
Kyle: Oh, guess what I saw? The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Me: That's cool. Did you like it? (taking out my phone to text Charlotte about this)
Kyle: Um, yeah it was okay so you're a texter?
Me: Yes, very much so.
Kyle: I'll be glad when that fad is over.
Me: Oh. Um, okay.
Kyle: When would you like your pictures done?
Me: I won't be able to come back until at least tomorrow.
Kyle: Okay, well they'll be ready tomorrow at 11. So I'll see you tomorrow at 11. Bye! Have a good day!